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Originally Posted by toolmantim View Post
I believe that is the single most communist post I ever read.

"Test" voters??? How do they pass??? Who decides if they fail??? Will they be able to "Re-test" if they study hard for 3 days before an election???

Don't get me wrong...I wish that more people who actually cast a ballot were more educated about the candidates themselves instead of if they are or , but I'll bet there are MUCH more educated voters than you think.

Just because voters disagree with your point of view or the candidate you support does not mean they are uneducated.

There are alot of educated voters in Zimbabwe.
I agree that testing isn't a great idea, especially based on our history in the south of not allowing african americans to vote by putting poll tests, etc into place to keep them from voting.

How fun would it be if the voters had to answer these 3 questions before voting though?

1. Name the three branches of government.

2. Name the two bodies of congress.

3. How many states are in the United States?

Honestly, if they can't answer these 3 questions, what point is there in them voting?
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