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Default What is the bigger threat?

So, what do you feel is the bigger threat to the US? Is it a nuclear capable Iran, or the US taking military action to prevent them from becoming nuclear capable? In my mind, I see it coming down to only one of these two options. The Iranians are not going to stop working on their nukes. But, if we use military options, we run a very real risk of forcing Russia and China to join forces against us. Both countries have very large economic ties to Iran. Both countries are against any sort of economic sanctions against Iran. To me this leaves the US in a Catch-22 situation. We can NOT run the risk of pissing off either the Chinese or the Russians. China has the ability to crush our economny in one trading day in the global currency markets. Russia will just sell their arms to the highest bidder. Oh, wait. They already do that. They will just make it easier for them to be used against us. At this point, our military is stretched beyond its capability to react to another large scale military confrontation without compromising security in other areas of the middle east. What do we do? Have the leaders of the US marched us blindly into a no-win situation?

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