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Originally Posted by General Lee View Post

He stated that it is NOT better to have everyone go out and vote!!!

If 25% of registered voters vote (and they actually CARE about it), it is WAAAAAYYYY better than if 100% of the people voted, and 75% were just voting because it's "VOTE OR DIE!!!".

I just never heard it put that way, and I completely agree. The push should be for a better educated voting populace and less of a push on the "JUST VOTE!!!".

I hope everyone who doesn't know which candidate to pick stays home, so people who care about the matter can have more of an impact.
Agree 100%
Not everyone should be able to vote. Some people have no clue as to what these candidates are all about. I don't want a bunch of uninformed voters going out and making choices for me. I think we need to start testing voters before they can proceed to the ballots.
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