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Ya' know...I was reading an article by Lawrence W. Reed (a dude who wrote several articles...and, I believe, worked for...the Mackinac Center for Public Policy). That being said...he's pretty libertarian in his views...

I'm not a fan of most of his stuff, because, perhaps for the sake of keeping the article short, he doesn't really defend any of his statements/claims, but I thought he had one noteworthy article...

He stated that it is NOT better to have everyone go out and vote!!!

If 25% of registered voters vote (and they actually CARE about it), it is WAAAAAYYYY better than if 100% of the people voted, and 75% were just voting because it's "VOTE OR DIE!!!".

I just never heard it put that way, and I completely agree. The push should be for a better educated voting populace and less of a push on the "JUST VOTE!!!".

Some people hold that stigma that it is the end of democracy when less people vote, but we have at least double the voter turn out nowadays than they did in the washington/adams days (and I'm aware of the reasons why, but that's not the point).

I hope everyone who doesn't know which candidate to pick stays home, so people who care about the matter can have more of an impact.
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