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Originally Posted by MT-Dawg View Post
That leads to question: What is supposed to have caused the big bang itself? What came before time and space existed? If space-time did not exist, how could everything appear from nothing? Explaining this still remains the most difficult problem of the big bang theory. Where did all the matter come from that the big bang displaced across the universe and what caused this huge explosion of energy...a mystery to me.
And at one time everyone knew that the world was flat, the earth was at the center of the universe, lightning was the Gods being angry...

I think it's one of the more fascinating things about human existence that we always have more to learn and will never know anything (whether created by a creator or not).

Just because we can't explain it right now doesn't mean that it didn't/couldn't exist. Anyone pointing to a lack of explanation of something as existence of a supernatural creator ("God of the gaps" as Collins put it) is treading water until the next scientific discovery is made.

I agree with you that it needs explanation, but that can't be looked on as proof of God's existence or a flaw in the theory.
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