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Originally Posted by ukjeeper
i wish i understood american politics
from this side of the pond it seems to be the one most likely to cause a scandal and publicly apologise is the one who will win.
and are old roman terms for the will of the state i cant realy see the difference in american politics apart from being a title.

someone please educate me............ sensibly :dunie:

Although it doesn't seem to matter much nowdays.
The differance between Rep. and Dem. used to be.

Republican: Smaller government, lower taxes. Believe people should be personally responsible. Given the opertunity people can take care of themselves.

Dem. People are to stupid to take care of themselves, government has to step in, help raise the kids. Give people money for sitting on there fat fucking lazy ass. And the more kids you have out of wedlock the more money they will give you. Anyone that starts to get a head, they just take more from you to give to the lazy fucks that wont work.
I believe it's called SOCIALISM.
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