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Originally Posted by SHARPMACHINE View Post
I want in on the 1/2 ton hauling a trailer as well as a 3/4 ton diesel. That is da funnay.
It might have enough power to get it down the road, but that's about it.
I know a guy who tows a 23' boat with a Vue, but he mostly, only goes 1/4 mile. Still nuts IMHO.

We scream safety, safety, safety when winching/pulling with anything but a unworn, non-tattered strap, but won't hesitate to pull 10k down the road with an F150 "because it can". A Mis-Guided Missile. An accident waiting for a place to happen.

Another factor is if you are pushing those load limits all the time, how long will your 1/2t vehicle last. Not an issue if you buy a new one every three years, I can't afford that.
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