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Default XJ Flares, exhaust manifold, roof rails, D30 gasket

Off a 98 XJ. Just your normal ole black, unpainted, slightly faded and a little dirty flares that have been sittin in my garage for a couple years collecting dust. The bottom inside lip of the front flares was trimmed a tiny bit to clear my 31s, but you can barely tell at all. In good shape, but I don't need em.

Cast iron exhaust manifolds off a 4.0L. I think it's off a 2000 XJ. Bought it for $30 when the stock one in my XJ cracked, not knowing this was the different 2 piece cast one. NOT the 1 piece tubular ones, it's 2 cast for the front 3 cylinders, 1 for the back 3. Connects to 1 pipe each. Some surface rust, but in fine shape.

Factory roofrack cross rails off a 98 XJ. Just the 2 rails that run side to side across the top. Missing a little powdercoating, but work fine. Took em off when I put my roofrack on.

Paper gasket for D30 diff cover. I use RTV and have no use for this. It's gonna see the garbage one of these days if no one wants it.

I'll add more stuff if I think of it.

Located in Highland, or I can take em to work with me in Auburn Hills. You want em, come get em.
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