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Default How much is to much truck?

Im finally tired of buying POS trucks, so im in the market to buy a nice 1/2-3/4 truck to use as a DD/Tow rig. The truck would see 90% DDing and 10% towing. Ive looked at a few mid 90's GMCs all with 350's, auto trans and 4x4. All these trucks are almost 13 years old and all have 100k+ miles on them. Prices ranged from 3-5k.

The other option ive been looking at is 3/4 ton Diesels. Yesterday I stopped at a local dealership and on the lot they had a 02 Ford F-250 Crew Cab, Short bed Lariat, 7.3 powerstroke w/auto trans 4x4 truck. The truck looked brand new, clean inside and out, very grandpa style. They wanted around 14k for the truck.

Right now im still in college, with around 1.25 years left till i get my degree. I have an alright paying job right now, but not sure which way to go. I could buy a cheap truck & pay it off real quick but it probably wouldnt last more than a few years. Or I could get a 4/5 years loan and buy a nice truck that could last me 10years or more, tow all I could ever want... The only problem i can see with the diesel is the cost of fuel, but I could always do a veggie conversion on it down the road.

What are peoples opinions to this question? I need to make up my mind within the next week or less, cause my litte Toyota beater truck isnt gonna last much longer
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