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Originally Posted by Mike Hancho View Post
how many stroker big bores have you done or had?....yyyaaa shut up...
Sorry to resurrect but I just gotta add my .02

My friends and I have done so many its not even funny. Do your research. 400ex crank & rod can't handle the big displacement. Trust me on this.
For the record the old 440s had the squish calculated wrong, thats why many of them ran like ass. 400exs plain suck dick compared to the more modern 450s, even at 460ccs they just don't put out the power. Compound the fact that they are air cooled and you are just asking for disaster.

My new project is another 250R, +5 stroker and a big pro-x cylinder. I just got back from Saint Anthony sand dunes in Idaho and realized that my little stock R cylinder just wasn't cutting it. On my YFZ I was hitting the hills in 4th WFO and by the time I got to the top of the hill I has barely moving in 2nd pinned.....Thats the land of horsepower out there!!!
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