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Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post

While I've had similar thoughts, here's another take:

"Control" is an illusion.

We can build levees, dams, and other flood-control apparatus that gives us the illusion of control - but it's just that, an illusion. All these measures were built to solve some past or future conceived problem - not the problem nobody conceived. They were also not built to address the failure of one or more links in the protective chain. And (and this is a big AND" these thing shave to be maintained - at great expense.

Likewise New Orleans - a city built below sea level on a coast known to have hurricanes. Note that many of the old portions of New Orleans were largely untouched by the devastation. Why? We built a city below sea level that was protected by levees, dikes, and canals that were clearly known to not be up to a category five hurricane for years before Katrina. Katrina was an eventuality - it was going to happen, it was just a question of when. We naively think we can control nature and build a city below sea level that is impervious to hurricane-driven rains, wind, and surges.

California wildfires - a natural part of that ecosystem that we now label a "disaster" because somebody built a $1MM house there. Duh. Ditto earthquakes and lack of water - somebody decided to build cities in an earthquake-prone arid area with little to no groundwater that is subject to regular wildfires - and then acts surprised when one of the known events occurs.
Yes, good points.

The problem isn't that the river flooded, it's that we build things in places that flood.
The problem isn't that the ground shook, it's that we built on shaky ground.

But doesn't this line of thinking then led you to the very liberal greenie hippey-esque way of thinking that the solution is for us to learn to try to live WITH nature rather than trying to CONTROL nature?

Also doesn't this also suggest that at the root of the problem is the fact that we've used technology to push the planet to support more humans than it is naturally capable of supporting, and that eventually nature will win and that the result will be a massive die-off of humans?
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