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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
When does Sam's club enter the fold? Anyhoo, I'm a strong believer that if you live in Michigan and are concerned with our local economy, you should buy from an American manufacturer.

I also know that that isn't always an option for people, especially now that fuel prices are becoming (relatively) so high. With Michigan's economy not doing the greatest, almost 9% unemployment, it is difficult to fault someone buying a $10k new Kia, shopping at walmart, etc.

We're in a big mess in Michigan.

Last I checked the US encompassed more then just Michigan. Its this selfish attitude that is exemplified IMO by they UAW's and big three me me me attitude.

Claiming that the Aveo being made in Korea is GM's way of helping the company is the biggest load Ive heard.

If they and other companies would have stopped spitting out gas guzzling pigs when the rest of the world seen the oil crunch coming for years they would not be in the sinking boat their in. They are reaping what they sewed with lots full of unsold SUV and cars that barely see 30mpg going down hill with a tail wind.

The economy may not be touching you economically yet but it will. When it does I'm sure you will run out and buy and H2 or escalade to make that 40 mile commute to find work and cry like hell when you cant pass a gas station.
All the while calling yourself the good Michigander all the way to bankruptcy court..
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