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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
The Aveo is made is South Korea by GM-DAT ( Daewoo ) which GM owns. GM needed a sub-compact, entry-level vehicle to fill a niche they didn't have domestically-made product in.

It was much cheaper (and quicker) to certify the Aveo than to design, test and retool a plant to produce something here. Again, the profits stay and support GM. It may be support for the "corporation", and not for the "worker", however, GM supports a lot more people in Michigan than Toyota does by producing a truck down in Texas.
Its possible that Im just stupid, but using the Tundra/Aveo example I wonder if you can break down the benefits a little bit more for me? Aside from the margin collected by the parent company selling to the dealer, and the dealer selling to the consumer (Aveo) - How is it possible in a pure dollar sense for it to be more beneficial to the American worker (I really don't like that term) or the American economy as a whole to source an almost entirely foreign product, tickle a little off the top and call it a Chevy rather than (If this is really true - meaning engineering and development and not only snap parts together and bolt them to the chassis in Cali is part of the 70% US content) a fully 70% US content vehicle, all the parts sourced, designed, assembled, taxes paid (ALL the taxes paid from the corp selling the vehicle to the various payroll taxes collected) - on the Tundra ....

Or since you brought it up --- GM the corporation being able to recognize the value of designing, developing, tooling and assembling a subcompact that will fill a niche (That has ALWAYS been there mind you! So don't try and tell me theres no market for subcompacts - Naturally theres not as hyooge of a profit margin as the trucks/SUVs of 5-10 years ago) that foreign makers have OBVIOUSLY seen a value in catering to.

And as for corporate profits being of greater value than sourcing parts and assembling a vehicle domestically - the "big 3" haven't exactly been spending their SUV profit r&d cash wisely in the past several years. Unless you consider maximizing profits for the short term (and relatively nil towards the future in terms of alternative fuels, efficient designs - as we see them today) a good business plan? Like I said, there has ALWAYS been a market for soulless cookie cutter sedans such as the one that just surpassed the F150 as the best selling vehicle in the US - The Honda Civic (which in all honesty is also the best VALUE for the consumer today)- GM/Ford/Cerberus for some reason were unable to see it.

And for what it's worth, in all honesty, maintaining the big3 retirees standard of living really isn't high on my list of priorities. I could give a fukc if they were made to buy a smaller boat or keep a car past red carpet lease age...

Having said this, I'm still not able to stomach driving a car with an emblem on the steering wheel that =/= blue oval, a bow tie (or the like), or a goat's head. It would make me feel dirty. However, my daily driver being an '83, Im still Bill Ford's worst nightmare.
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