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Originally Posted by Trail_Fanatic View Post
Smoking Ban?!

They want to make me - an otherwise honest and hard working citizen - into a criminal just because I'm addicted to nicotine???

Time to write a non-wheeling letter!

To borrow UP Rocktoy's adjective . . .

Now before you get your panties in a's only banning it in workplaces, including bars and restaurants. You'll still be able to light up in your jeep, with a sheep, in your house, with a mouse, on a pail, down a trail, all while eating green eggs and ham

You will not be a criminal just for smoking a cancer stick a few times a day. The choice to kill yourself is yours; we are just taking away your ability to kill those of us who want to eat and drink without coughing from second hand smoke. :tonka:

Originally Posted by Yetti View Post
smoking isn't the half of it. theres a bill waiting before the senate to ban cell phones! ..well in hand behind the wheel at least.
yeah...not sure if this will go anywhere...we have too many legislators themselves who would have issues if this went through. It would allow handsfree devices, which in theory isn't a bad idea, but it's still big brother. We should ban putting on makeup, having kids in the car, eating and listening to the radio if we're going to ban cell phones.
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