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Originally Posted by clarkstoncracker
scientific method

The principles and empirical processes of discovery and demonstration considered characteristic of or necessary for scientific investigation, generally involving the observation of phenomena, the formulation of a hypothesis concerning the phenomena, experimentation to demonstrate the truth or falseness of the hypothesis, and a conclusion that validates or modifies the hypothesis.
But because this "scientific method" is carried out by humans it is flawed in that it requires us to use what understanding we have to interprete the results. Just because the results are what was expected based on the hypothesis doesn't necessarily make it true.

Originally Posted by clarkstoncracker
Here are three quotes from my Ayn Rand Lexicon Objectivism from a-z:

Are you in a universe which is ruled by natural laws and, therefore, is stable, firm, absolute - and knowable? Or are you in an incomprehensible chaos, a realm of inexplicable miracles, an unpredictable, unknowable flux, which your mind is impotent to grasp? The nature of your actions - and of your ambition - will be different, according to which set of answers you come to accept.
I believe I'm in a universe in which there is much that is unknown, and in many ways "unknownable". Where was "I" before I was born? where will "I" go after I die. What came before the begining? what comes after the end? Is everything we know of as "life", including this very conversation, merely the bizzarr by-product of a millions of year old runaway chemical reaction or is there something unknown involved?
Originally Posted by clarkstoncracker
To rest one's case on faith means to concede that reason is on the side of one's enemies- that one has no rational arguments to offer.
Either way it comes down to faith. Science can not "prove" that there is no God.

Originally Posted by clarkstoncracker
The Bible declares that man ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge - he acquired a mind and became a rational being. It was the knowledge of good and evil - he became a moral being/ He was sentenced to earn his bread by his labor - he became a productive being. He was sentenced to experience desire - he acquired the capacity of sexual enjoyment. The evils for which (the preachers) damn him are reason, morality, creativeness joy - all the cardinal values of his existence.
Did you ever watch your cat play and wish your life was that easy? Maybe thats the way it could have been if Adam and Eve hadn't eaten that damn apple.
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