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As Humans we seem to need leaders. I can see the points of most that do not believe. Yet there are so many things in life that can not be answered. The human brain they say is only useing a small percent to carry on with every day life as most humans do. Question's we all seem to ask of how and why thing happen. Are they just fate? Do we control what happens with out knowing it ? Are some people lucky or are they just smarter in useing others. Or is there a higher being that is guiding what happens here ? And what about Nostradamus?? what about his wrighting? Should we not all be thinking that he is some kind of God also? His wrighting were back befor any type of air planes, etc. yet he seems to see things that have happend . yet others will read the same thing and say just a lucky guess and point out how many things did not happend in his wrighting?

Or is it just as humans most need to Believe in something?

There that should keep you busy for a while!
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