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Originally Posted by Deke
Heh. The overall message of
"jesus loves you"
"god loves you"


Sending son to die for his creation? What kinda Fed up sense is that? ok I made a jeep. Its a badddddd jeep. Lemm go off my firest born so it can be happy when it dies? GOD makes the damn rules. logic. NOT. found.
this will no doubt make you roll your eyes, but whom's logic?

this is a cliche' used by some religious scholars, but many "learned people" find it insulting to suggest to them that they might be as intellectually limited, or logic-limited as a 3 year old child in comparison of some other entity, and that this limitation renders them inable to comprehend, or take the perspective of this "great entity".

funny, these same people quite often have no problem conceptually with a race of alien beings that is "millions of years more advanced" than we are, but make it a diety, and it's religious lunacy.

one can find a commonality, or analogy between the "advanced alien life forces" with the diety of most religions if one looks.

for argument's sake, maybe the "omnicient, and all powerful" statements attributed to the dieties are simply labels for abilities, and knowledge that is/was so far superior to those that authored the early religious tomes?

I'm just playing devil's advocate here
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