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Wow, that's a lot of responses.

Originally Posted by SHARPMACHINE View Post
Very nice truck!

I would drop the 60+ mph dune thing though, otherwise I want to see it done. Or, is it a drag queen?????

Running the dunes at 60+ is for the long travel buggies.
Oh, it'll see those speeds plenty at the dunes, and once my Jeep is done it'll be right there with it. He didn't buy long travel remote resi shocks and Deaver leafs for nothing.

Originally Posted by dline View Post
nice work, does he have any other plans for it?
Does 1300+ lb-ft of torque count?

Originally Posted by redmud View Post
Hmmm... I see why your buddy was in a hurry for parts, I would have been too! The Truck looks awesome!
Thanks. We'll have it up there one of these days.

Originally Posted by cham View Post
And what was the total cost for materials and labor? or did you charge him for labor?
I think all the parts and materials came down to somewhere in the area of $6-7k not counting wheels and tires. He's my best friend so I wasn't gonna charge much for labor but he ended up paying for half of my plasma cutter and lots of beer.

Originally Posted by Strangler View Post
Very nice work. How much fender trimming would be required to pull the rear block and drop the front 2-3"? The Before pic of the stock suspension and 41's looks meaner to me.
Out back, none. The block is only there because the 10" coils gave 12" of lift and he wanted to level it out. Up front would require quite a bit. As it is I pushed the axle about 1.5" forward to prevent rubbing on the fenders, put the truck much lower and it'd still rub. I like the lower stance too but this is what he wanted.

Originally Posted by dline View Post
needs some fiberglass desert racer flared fenders.
He might get some sooner or later. He's also thinking about some Bushwacker pocket flares for it.

Originally Posted by Fullsize4life View Post
Nice looking rig. What kind of joints did you use for the front?
Axle end uses SuicideDoors poly bushings(cheap and 1/4" wall sleeve), frame end lowers are 1.25" shank JJs, uppers are .75" shank Ballistic Fab flex joints.

Originally Posted by liv2mx View Post
you guys still all go to that house in pentwater when you come to silver lake? some awesome fab get yours done.
Unfortunately no. They stopped renting it out a while back so we've been staying at ValDu since then.....that place kinda sucks now so I'm not sure what we'll do next.

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