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Originally Posted by RyeBread
the perception of early man, and in fact the writers of the bible, and even the gospels is not that of what we have today.

Arguabley, they wrote those passages from their perspectives, or "first hand accounts" of the perspectives that witnessed the events, and conveyed them as they understood

put yourself in the shoes of even someone 4, or 500 years ago. the entire concept of as an example "millions of years" just wasn't fathomable.

so, back to the original question. coming from their perspective, what does "when the world was created" mean? To them, more than likely it means the very earliest form of concious thought perhaps, and/or "memorable history".

the very concept of something coming before that is so unfathomable, that even if God "told them" the details, the millions of years, etc. how on earth would ancient man be able to write it?

One could make the analogy, based on the perspective of early man, and what we "scientifically 'know' today" that if somehow someone 2-4,000 years ago wrote down what we "know" that it would be so absurdly out of context, that it would be viewed with the same derision as most people view Scientology today.
Heres an idea I've had bouncing around in my head. What are the chances that the "creators" of the bible tripped real hard one night on jima-jabba sparks and their visions of talking to god was nothing more then a hard ripping trip?

On the flip side - bad trips result in hr giger style visions. Intresting how mind alerting substances produce effects with religous meanings. To much material to cover right now.
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