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Originally Posted by Grandman
Ask deke form ok here ya go .

I have noticed some catholics seem to instill there morals only when useful . They will lie like a fish when its to there advantage , pretty much any thing they want to do is ok but they will haul out the morals bus and unload it on your feet if they are against your corupt mind .

The question to Deke is , Is it just be or have you noticed this with in relgion ?
Whats intresting is the ones we consider the crazies are pretty much living the book to the T. Its amazing how when a christian is confronted with something a crazy did they pass it off and say how crazy they are. Never really tell ya why and then of course they dont want to talk about it at all.

Muslim. Religion of peace. Only a small sect is crazy. yea. :tonka: mmhmm.
I'll reference a cartoon. I'll reference woman rights. I'll reference brutality towards fellow man. and I still wont spell much right.
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