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Plated control arm mounts and lower shock stud. I might do something to make this double shear, we'll see

I wanted to get rid of the cam bolt adjustment slot so the bushing had a good surface to sit against.

Then decided to go full crossover since the stock setup would've been hating life at that height with those tires. It's all 1.5" .25" wall DOM with 3/4" heims. I would've preferred TREs but there weren't any decent choices for the setup we had to work with and the timeframe we were trying to do it in. Still, for what it is I'm pretty happy how it turned out.
Had to chop off the panhard mount and clearance the coil mount for the new tie rod:

Also had to bend the tie rod to clear the diff cover/ring gear at full lock:

In hindsight I probably could've made the bends further out and not had to clearance the coil buckets as much but this works just fine.

Then it was on to control arms.

Bushing end:

All of em in place:

1.5" .25 wall uppers, 2" .25 wall lowers. I had to put a 10 bend in the uppers to clear the frame as the suspension cycles but I don't foresee any issues from it. I may brace the bends later on if I have any concern.
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