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Default Project Cumdumpster

My buddy and I just got done building up his '05 CTD. I put my Scrambler project on hold for a month so we could get this nailed out by Memorial weekend at the dunes, but we got screwed by Deaver and didn't get the rear leafs in time. Anyway, it's together now so here are some pics. I did all the custom design and fab, he did the other stuff like teardown and all that sh1t.

He had a nicely built '01 Sierra but got sick of blowing out the front end, didn't wanna solid axle it no matter how hard I tried to convince him, so he went for the upgrade. His old truck:

He got an '05 Ram 2500 CTD back in August, 5 days later it was up at the dunes for Labor Day weekend. It did great for a stocker but who wants a stock truck? He wanted to be able to haul across the dunes effortlessly at 60+mph and I wanted to make it happen. I talked him into a long travel suspension and 37s but he still wanted bigger. Then I found a great deal on some 40x13.5R20 XTerrains on here and it's been downhill ever since. Here's the specs:

-12" lift, all custom
-40" XTerrains on 20x10 KMC Diesels
-10" Full Throttle Coils, 12" travel Fox remote resi shocks, custom longarms and bracketry by BBA Fabworks
-8" Deaver leafs, 2" extended shackles, 14" travel Fox remote resi shocks, traction bar
-Axle trusses front and rear
-Drop pitman arm and sector shaft brace
-Custom trac bar and brackets
-Clocked t-case, new driveshafts, etc.
-A bunch of other little crap here and there

He's got a massive tuner, FASS, intake, stacks, and some other mods so it turns the 40s really well but it'll still get regeared before too long. It'd still blow most trucks out of the water.

We started on it the first weekend of May, got it on the road last Sunday.

How she sat the first afternoon

Stock coil next to new one and blingin shock

Then I figured I might as well blow a couple holes in the frame and start adding some reinforcement plates

Built up some adjustable UCA brackets out of 3/16" box and 1/4" plate

Then I had a cool picture in my head for the LCAs and tying everything together. Obviously beefiness is priority #1 but I can't just leave it looking plain either. I think the frame brackets turned out

I figure with an 8000 lb truck coming down on the front end some more reinforcement wouldn't hurt, and it makes it look a lot cleaner

The pics don't do it justice so far but oh well.
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