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Originally Posted by clint357 View Post
So you don't like the fact that he illustrated how big of a number a billion is? I don't think the true point of this post is to show how big one billion is, but to use it as an opening to the $250 billion being sent to New Orleans. I didn't know is was against GL4x4 rules to quote other websites.
Most folks that have access to the internet know enough basic math to know how big a number a billion is.

As the link I pasted points out, this is a contrived, fabricated message, with many instances of severely flawed math. Nobody disputes that the requested 250 billion for Katrina Aid is a huge amount, but it too is old news.

The introduced act: "Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief and Economic Recovery Act" dates from 2005 - from everything I have read, it was introduced, and never got through the finance committee as there are obviously funding issues.

Finally, who said anything about quoting other sites, and/or rules? The original post didn't quote a website, it's a copy+paste from a 3 year old e-mail forward... I simply refuted it, voiced my opinion on e-mail forwards in general. Especially the ones that take excessive liberty with facts; and that are obviously written with a slant toward an attempt to incense the reader into hitting "fwd to full address book" and/or paste to every webforum in the world before stopping to check for any credibility whatsoever.
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