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Originally Posted by artistic_gore View Post
I thought only citizens could do that. As in tax paying citizens. Did I miss something? What do puerto ricans, samoans, virgin islanders, or people from guam contribute to this country in order to deserve the privilige of a vote?
Me thinks you need to get your facts in order.

Residents who live in American commonwealths do indeed pay federal import/export taxes, commodity taxes, Social Securtiy taxes, Medicare... Residents who live in these places and work for the Federal Government or companies that also do business in the actual states pay federal income taxes as well. As for them getting more than their fair share of government spending, residents of commonwealths are not eligible for SSI benefits and the local governments in these areas receive only a small portion of the Medicaid payments that an actual state would receive (I believe it's only 15%).

In regards to voting, if you don't want these citizens voting in presidential primaries, take that up with the GOP or the DNC. Who votes in the primaries is entirely up to them. These areas have no voice in the electoral college or federal elections in general.

The members of the House of Representatives from American Somoa, Puerto Rico, D.C., Guam, and the Virgin Islands are only allowed to vote on legislation when there is enough of a majority in either direction that their vote would not be binding.

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