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Originally Posted by clarkstoncracker
Hasn't this been closed for over a year already?
yes the north loop has been closed for two years. the middle is closed right now. at the ORV advisory board meeting Bill O'neil said the middle would reopen, but for some reason this guy is tring to keep the north loop closed. he even showed the board pictures of trail that were flooded out, R J Witte stood up and told the board he knew all the spots in the pictures and they were of county roads and the sterling truck trail that were never closed down( not part of the closed trail). the pictures were of the flooding in the spring of `04. so it would seem that somebody(s) lieing to the public and the ORV board. the chairman of the board was on the the guy(Bill O'Neil) and was ripping him a new one in regaurds to getting it reopened. he was addimit about keeping it closed. so we have been given the task of letter writing to save our trails. Lynne Boyd is who Bill has to anwser too. so we have to put the heat on to get results.

start write'n peeps
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