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People who blame cops for getting a ticket
People who are ignorant of everything
"reverse racists" (already been said, but worth saying again)
Working my ass of to benefit people who are nothing but a parasite on society, then having to sit next to them in class (which I am paying for their classes AND mine)
Closed-mined people
That whiny protestor bitch that won't leave President Bush to doing his job
People who say "He's not my President" -Bullshit. If he's not your President, this isn't your country. Move to Canada. Better luck to you in 2008.
Eco-terrorists who booby trap trails and cause injuries and damage to responsible users
Irresponsible offroaders
Hunters who don't bother to look what they are shooting at before killing a fellow hunter
Drunk drivers
Child Molestors

and the list can go on, on, and on....
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