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Originally Posted by Lothos View Post

was marriage publicized like that though in those days?

I can agree with the "if he had kids" thought. I think though is that he didn't know mary was pregnant at the time of the crucifixion and thus she went into hiding perhaps. If you hide the truth from the children in order to protect them you also don't have the struggle for power within the family as it were. It's an interesting question regardless.
Marriage was HUGE in those days. The Jews partied literally for days for the celebration of wedding. As a matter of fact, Jesus' first plublic miracle was at a wedding feast in Cana of Galilee, I am sure you remember the water into wine story. The party for this wedding had been going so long that they ran out of wine. I am sure you have been to a long reception before, and stayed to the end when everyone is toasted. Well Jesus busts out the extra wine right at the right time. His Mother Mary was there, and so were Jesus's disciples, the wedding miracle was his gateway into his three year mission. Also, Jesus told a parable based on the culture of weddings. So again, it was a BIG deal, and it was publically known enough where he used marriage to illustrate a truth he came to teach. (See John 2 and Matthew 22 if interested in reading either text I mentioned).

That movie sounds like nothing more than hype, the same way that the tomb of Jesus tv documentary was crap, the same way that the divinci code was crap. This is just playing off of the last big money maker.
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