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got a link to the trailer?

I think it would matter mainly because it was not recorded in the gospels that he got married. I think a significant event such as that would have had some press, especially his children. Jesus had brothers and sisters, but no kids. When Jesus ascended into heaven and left the disciples, they were scared for their lives, they had no idea what to do, but the task of speading that message was on them. I would imagine that if Jesus had kids, they would have been a part of the early church and would have been documented. But the problem is that they were not. Think of a King on Earth who had kids, they get in line for the royal throne, no kids were in Jesus' lineage, and if there were, they would have played a vital role in the early church, and I am sure the Apostle Paul would have made mention of it, or included that kid in his discipleship, just like he did with the young man Timothy.
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