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81 inches of fun
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Originally Posted by ovrlnd View Post
very true. exact reason I picked up the nt 30 from pavement pounder. the one thing I was not sure about is to swap the column for something like a tilt flaming river. I have a really good buddy who sells for flaming river and could get a good deal. is there a way to retain the stock column and joint it to a saginaw? without the worm held in the ross box how is the inner shaft held in place?
Mine is kind of hacked together right now with spare parts, but if you go back in this thread you can see where we made my stock column into a saggy style column. Works VERY well other then the joint we used from the steering shaft I had laying around is a little too big and 'barely' rubs the brake pedal when braking and going around a corner. I am skinny enough I don't need a tilt column though. If I could find a stock looking wheel to put on a tilt column I would probably go that route though as my goal is to have it look somewhat stockish because I want the Navy Markings on it. I have been trying to do only pre-70's type mods. Stuff you would see on a jeep that has been used all it's life.

I want to get a second 2A/3A/3B to keep stock aside from a megasquirt or something, OD and street friendly axle gearing. Though a 4.3L one would be desireable to me as well. I hate newer vehicles, no character, and too much crap that isn't needed. Too much safety BS on them. I enjoy driving both my jeeps, The newer cars I drive, none 'do it' for me.
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