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Originally Posted by T-way View Post intent in my first post (reference above) wasn't to list all of the work, people involved, etc. And I didn't mean to leave anyone out, either! Just wanted to make a quick post about having the same kind of trailer. You'll notice in my first post that I stated that Ironman built my top, and that I purchased my axles from him!

Victor did almost all of the actual build of my trailer, for which I will always be grateful! I just wish he had been able to finish it, because then it would be right!!!

And because I know someone will ask (and Pat already did) - the part that got messed up was the finish work with the axle and tire install. Simple ACCURATE measuring would have solved the problem, but you can look at the trailer and see that the axles aren't quite lined up properly. As a result, the trailer wags a little bit behind the Jeep! And the huge steel plate that was put on the bottom of the trailer was done so without any regard for the slick quick-connect light wiring harness that Victor installed along the frame rail. Now - it's covered by a massive piece of steel with NO way to access it without cutting a hole in the steel!! STUPID! And - the paint job on my top got trashed when "someone" wasn't careful with it, and then he claimed that he had no knowledge that it was trashed and couldn't understand how it happened? Did he actually think I wouldn't notice????

There's a few other things, but suffice it to say that all of the work that Vic, Bobby, and Pat did to the trailer was top-notch!
Tim, thanks for clarifying. I thought it odd at the time that "he" said that he needed to redo the wiring because it was faulty when I had seen the workmanship that Vic had done.

Sorry to hear it wags. Hope not too bad cuz it's always fun to watch you pulling it through the woods.
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