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How long as the Fed been in debt? 200+ years? This country's personal savings rate is reportedly at all time lows, or matching them. The news is full of "leveraged buy outs", loan foreclosures, and spiraling consumer debt. Sounds to me like she's illustrating affinity to her potential constituents :p

In as much as I'd love to see some sweeping changes in our Federal Government, I can't honestly say I'm for either of the , combined, or separate.

I just wish McCain would announce who his running mate is, so we know who might be president when he croaks ½ through his term...

that being said, as was mentioned on the news this morning, all of the little elections that took place in the most recent primaries are "canary tests" or signs of things to come, and the Dems are more than likely gonna end up controlling the executive branch, and the legislative branch, and yet still don't have a clear, unifying strong leader imho....
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