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Default What I've been doing for the past week...

So, I couldn't get my KTM jetted properly - either is ran good and fouled plugs or I could make it run leaner but I ran into knock.

Here's what the inside of my exhaust pipe looked like:


Basically, I was pulling trans oil into the crankcase and fouling everything out. I had replaced the seals, but it still leaked. When that happens, it's time to change your crank bearings. While I had everything apart, I sent the crank out for a rebuild - good thing, here's a shot of the big end "pin" where the bearing rides:

note the ridge at the top and the spots where the rollers micro-welded themselves to the pin. This damage was only on 1/2 of the pin and probably contributed to the failure of my crank bearings (excessive vibrations).

Here's a few shots of the cases going back together:

I'll throw it back in the bike tomorrow. Hopefully I have fixed my problem.
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