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Default Strong enough for pulling?

I need to redo the rear bumper on my truck so I can take the body lift off. The one thats on it now sticks up over the frame rails, and it will get in the way of the bed when it comes down to its original mounts. I have the steel to do a new bumper, I just want to ask if this would be strong enough to hold up to having a 2 inch hitch resessed into it, and used as a pull point.

Red lines are welds.

Its a 2x3x 1/4 wall tube, 5 feet long. The fish plate thats in the corner of the frame and bumper that you see, is 4 inch-3/16ths thick angle iron are cut two inches wide, and cut for rosette welds. The holes on the insides of the frame will be filled in and probably have a fish plates as well.

If i resessed a 2 inch hitch into that, would it hold up to being tugged on if I happen to get stuck in some deep mud or something along those lines?
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