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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
you don't think ANWAR would be a band-aid? We need legitimate alternative fuels. I was listening to a podcast the other day and it said that we spend the same money on alternative fuels in one year that we spend for one hour for the pentagon to run. food for thought. With more research we could probably have more efficient solar panels and have a few thousand spread throughout the Mojave desert generating all kinds of electricity.
Anytime the government wants to reduce a tax anywhere it's a good idea. It's not a solution to the gas issue but still a good idea.

ANWAR would be a band-aid of sorts. I look at it more like a bridge to the future. It would last for a long time, maybe long enough to give technology more time to develop a real alternative like usable hydrogen fuel cells.

There are a lot of other solutions too, like nuclear power and electric cars to run on them. Solar power is good. How about geothermal? Drilling for oil off the coast of Florida? Clean burning coal?

A lot of solutions and each one has someone protesting against them for different reasons. If we used all of them to some degree, continued to develop the technology of each, and told the greenies where to go we'd probably be fine, but that won't happen until it becomes profitable to do so. $4 gas is getting us closer to making it a reality.

You have to make it profitable for the private sector to develop, using government money and subsidizing the technology with tax payer money isn't the right way.
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