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This is horse crap. Most likely he will loose his case. Then he will sue for something else. Alot of inmates feel that they should get more food, or more commissary. Over all the meals are prepared according to the national nutritional menu. The same standards that are used for the Military, School Cafeterias, and Prisons. They are all based off the ballance diet of 2,000 calories a day. Most people that get locked up do loose wieght. But that is not from sitting around starving to death. They have nothing but time so they work out. Oh and they don't have a car to drive everywhere too so they have to walk. Over time they loose wieght. He complains he can't even work out. So this fat ass feels he should get fatter. But he will loose his case and still be locked up.

As for the Arizona Jail, that is all good and dandy but those inmates are low level inmates and usually first time offenders. The Sherrif has this idea that if they are put in those conditions that they won't come back to jail or end up in prison.
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