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Originally Posted by Infinite_Wisdumb View Post
You never cease to amaze me Toes. You are an uneducated fool who doesnt take the time to research anything you blather about.

A simple wiki search for our evolutionary ancestors turns up a bountiful amount of information on where we came from, how long ago we were there and what social networks were in effect at the time. You can go to the Smithsonian to see these artifacts IN PERSON if you so desire.

Since I KNOW that you wont read the article since it is not about a) The Bible b) Crown Royal or c) Republicans - I will tell you that this particular evolutionary stepping stone to common man was alive around 2 MILLION years ago. That is a bit earlier than 2030 years ago when Jesus was doing his thing.
While your doing your reserch look up Ernest Haeckel, Orce man, Piltdown man, Nebraska man, Java man, also look up the bullshit horse evolution therory.
You may have to look a little further than wikipedia for something accurate.

I don't think you can find these artifacts at the Smithsonian, since they are no longer on display after being proved a fraud put together by scientists for there own personal gain.

Some how I get the feeling you would be proud of a scientist like that.
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