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We build things certain ways, OK, we build things MY way......I come from a varied background and have had several distinctly different chapters in my life but the one thing that stands out through it all is, there is ALWAYS room for improvement and you can ALWAYS do better. We strive to do things better everyday and when jobs are going to other countries because someone can do something for less you need to stand back and think, what can I personally do to stop that from happening.

Think Quality in everything you do, don't ever stop at just good enough. Don't buy the junk sold in the big box stores, pay a little more for something made better and made to last. And when you buy something and they offer an extended wharantee ask them what happened to companies being proud of what they made, back when you didn't need an extended wharantee?

This country is facing the biggest problem it has ever faced in offshore competition and you do not want to be batting for the other side, buy American made products, made by people just like you! Keep the manufacturing base we have, when it is gone do you think Chinas products will still be inexpensive? I don't care who's Diff Cover you buy, just buy one made in the US! All of our jobs will ultimately depend on it.......And if you don't like what I say you need to step back and think on it......

4x4 is just about as American as you can get, lets keep it that way.

FAIR WARNING, steel is up another 14% today and commodities futures prices look like another 9% increase in June, this is on top of a 25-28% increase since the first of the year. Don't let anyone tell you they can control prices, if they aren't buying 1000 ton futures contracts they simply cannot, steel is a commodity and you cannot sell it for less than you can replace it for......

Our prices will certainly increase as will everyone elses' and I am not happy about that at all, we have held our price for a very long time.
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