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Originally Posted by Tab View Post
I got that but are you going to drive around with winches compressing your suspension all day? And if driven like that it will still pivot on the plane the cable is on (as in side to side) right? Dont most people use them for climbs? I see that in an airshock it would increase the rate but not allowing it to unload and lose traction is a reason too no? I quess I dont get why you would build a suspension with x amount of travel and than pull it down with a winch to fix the handling (climbs aside). It would seem a sway bar would be easier/better. Anyway, sorry for cluttering up a nice build thread.

i usually left slack in both winches until needed i think they are an over used trend. 90 percent of the time i used them was when descending or side hilling so the suspension wouldnt unload. when climbing i wouldnt suck the front down i would winch in until the rope got tight then bump the switch to back it off a bit.

i found that having the front to tight hurt me more than it helped when trying to crest a hill i would always belly out.
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