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I side with 95geoboy on this one, if the b and the c from the cage are tied into the frame I don't really see that thing breaking.

I was looking at my jeep the last time I was working on it. I currently have the cage tied to the tube in 9 friggin places, tied to the frame in 4, and eventually it will be 6, when does the madness stop? Add in corner guards and rockerguards that will tie to the cage/frame/tub and it starts to really get ridiculous.

Take Whiterhino's jeep for example, are the links tied to the frame? of course right, then where do the shocks tie into the frame? Are they then tied into the tub or cage at all? once everything begins to all tie together in so many places it starts to get a little crazy and there really isnt much room for a total failure. It becomes so overengineered that you end up 1,000 pounds+ heavier then you needed to and you used a lot more material then you needed too and the damn thing lasts pretty much forever.

Johnnyj hit the nail on the head, I've seen him wheel, I've seen his pictures, he flat beats the shit out of his jeep, its very simple, very well done, and it rarely breaks, and other then sheetmetal, it doesnt look all that bent, twisted etc.

It's not a baja 1000 truck.
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