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Default Auto locking hubs question

Looking for a little input. I have a 2001 Ford F250 Crew 4x4 with the auto locking hubs on it and electronic switch 4wd. The hubs have an auto and a lock position on them. 4wd works in both positions. What is the difference between the 2 hub positions ?

I bought the truck from a friend of mine a while back and nether he or I ever moved them from the auto position and they are froze in that position, which they are I guess famous for doing. You can't turn the hub adjuster. I've noticed that when I turn tight ether direction a crabing sensation like the 4wd is engaging. I'm wondering how this can be. I had it to a dealer to look at & they said the hubs need to be replaced to the tune of $700+ and that they are engaging when turning tight.

Any one know these hubs & what makes them do this ? Anyway to fix it ?

I've heard of people just replacing the auto hub with a manual set of Warns. I've never had the stock auto hubs apart to see exactly whats needed to convirt to the Warns. Anyone done this that could give me some input ?
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