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Well we made a tempoarary drag link so I can move i around the yard, and have a trail spare, the angles look ok and it should work fine.

Made a new rear driveshaft from a shortened F250 front driveshaft, should be heavy duty enough right?

Filled it with 4-5 oz of ATF to balance it

Welded up the hole

Adam put on my E350 Master cylinder to power the brakes of the 3/4 ton axles.

Went to just go around the block because the drag link is of not safe for road materials, wanted to test the 4.88 gears, and see if the driveshaft had vibes.

Got almost to my house and figured I would get on it and see what the V8, 4.88's and 37's can do, compare it to my old 350, 4.10's and 33's ya know?

Well.... yeah this is where is stopped.

Lets look a little closer

Drove back to the house on the front driveshaft, parked it, got out, and went in the house.

Anyone want to buy a almost done V8 YJ? I am >< that close to torching the thing. Nothing in this "easy" build is going smoothly. If you look close, it was the FACTORY welds that gave way, not Adams.
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