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Originally Posted by brimy311 View Post
I just put Michilen LTX MS on my tow rig. Hands down the best tire on the market for 3/4 ton and up trucks. Discount installed 4 265's for like $750 out the door! I was shocked at the price, as they qouted me like $975 a few months prior.
About the LTX MS tires, how are they for light offroad? I've heard from a lot of folks that they wear like iron, but I'm looking at an A/T type tire to aid in traction on getting my trailer from the barn in the fall/winter/spring and for bad weather driving.

I don't wheel with the tow rig, but to get my trailer out of the barn I have to drive on wet grass, a bit of mud, and in the winter over unplowed snow. The stock Chevy 245s struggle whereas the Toyo ATs on my previous truck shrugged it off. This had made me leary of any highway tires, but if you've used them for stuff like that I'd love to hear it.

Originally Posted by brimy311 View Post
When it comes to tow rig tires, you really do get what you pay for.
No doubt there, the only way I'm comparing price is 235/85 vs 285/75 tires. I don't think for my tow rig that 1" bigger tire and lower MPG is worth $50 extra per tire; but if there's a much better tire in that size I may change my decision.

The same tire in Michelins is only about $100 different; so the spread is a bit less than other brands/tires..but as I said above, am I gonna miss something with the 235 vs 285 besides 1" of height?
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