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Default CR250 help.... No spark

So, I'm far from a moron when it comes to this stuff, but I'm to the point that I need help.

97 CR 250

I rebuilt the entire engine for a guy because his cases were broken. The engine was delivered completely dissasembled because he was going to try and have the cases repaired. I assembled the engine using new cases, bearings, bla, bla, bla.

Once reinstalled in the frame, I had no spark. I walked through the test procedures for troubleshooting ignition components, beginning with his stator... it was found to be bad and a new one was ordered.

With the new stator installed, I again checked its resistance and output... it checked out but the bike still had no spark.

I continued by checking the resistance of both sides of the coil, per the manual... and found it to be faulty as well........

So, by know you know that I'm already wondering why a bike that was taken out of service because of broken cases also happens to have not one, but now two faulty ignition components......?? Didn't seem right to me, but I continued by purchasing a coil, wire and cap and installing them to find, guess what, no spark.

So the startor now checks out ok, the coil now checks out ok, The timing is correct, flywheel key is not sheared, etc and I still don't have spark.

So, I continue with the testing procedures, now finding the CDI to be faulty..... this is getting old.

I purchase a new CDI. I install it. No spark.

I have now verify'd timing and replaced every component in the igntion system with the exception of the kill switch, which I have unplugged (even though the test procedures tell me its fine).

I am at a complete loss. I have zero visable spark. When kickstarted, I have heard the bike pop a couple of times... not like a backfire, but like a single attempt to light when the kickstarter is all the way down and I am no longer spinning the engine, it it just spinning under flywheel momentum. The fact that it pops when I bottom out the kickstarter tells me that the timing is off, but the lack of any visable spark tells me there is still a weak link somewhere.

Sorry so long, but I'm at a loss and thought I'd throw it out there in case any of you notice something I may have missed.

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