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Originally Posted by Mr Toes View Post
Cool on the having a kid, nothing is better then that. However I don't want to hear anything about his ear being bitten by a big boar coon, or any of that stuff about how kids are harder to raise then dogs, since you said you have at times wanted to shoot your dogs. Also you better learn how to take a joke and some sarcastic teasing because kids are better at that than I am and you get way too pissed off when it happens. The other thing is you better not go buying him a baseball glove, it better be a 22 cricket so he can hunt as soon as he can walk, and he needs a bow and arrows ASAP, make sure you break him in on a recurve with no sights and no release then he can shoot anything after that. Fishing is good as well as working on cars, running equipment, and anything else that will make hin into a caveman.

I got no doubt you will do fine.

And remember to start drinking liquor with him him now so he can build up his tolerance and not be a sloppy drunk later in life. Might as well do all you can to prevent DUI's and such. And be sure to explain to him that the money that pays for heroine goes straight to the terrorists to pay for IED's and such, so he shouldn't buy any heroine either. Make sure you tell him that.
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