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Default oil pressure

well i got my truck all put together. Took it for a ride sat night all back roads cuz its not plated and such everything went fine. no problems. Earlier today i decided on a little longer drive that included some highway when i got back to my parking lot i stopped in drive and the oil light came on. took it out of gear and pressure went right up to normal. i then held it at about 2500rpm in park for a few seconds and the gage started to move around iratically then i shut it off because it isnt making any noises yet. ok and hear is some stuff from putting it in it had some really nasly oil in it when i got the engine valve train noises went away just with the oil change. the temp gage is not working and it did smell a little warm. im back at school and cant play with it again for a week but im hoping bad sender. my other thoughts are it got to hot and the oil got thin or the oil is not draning back to pan fast enough to get picked back up (clogged drain back holes from the nasty oil) any other thoughts that i can check out next weekend?

ok i think that makes more sence now

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