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Originally Posted by Gr8archer View Post
AHHHHHHH MOTHERFUCKER!!!! I have been trying soooooo hard to hold back this entire thread, but XJ-JAMES you are one dumb motherfucker! Pull up your pants, get a fucking life, and stop causing fucking d r a m a, whats done is done, you have your god damn money now drop it. You are a peice of worthless scum, thats pretty much the point your portraying now that you got your money back.

As for Matt's XJ Bumpers, what the fukc is it to you??? Just because you wanted a nice set for a womping 400 bucks, what that fucking front bumper alone sells for that, dont get all pissy.
Brilliant post fucko ! Pull my pants up? Are you a fag? Why do you pic me with my pants down? Whats done is done. Yep you are right. You are also prob. inbred, but never the less right. Funny thing is there is a super reputable company who had not seen this topic when I ordered their bumpers (they got a kick out of it after though! ). I am getting twice the bumpers with tie ins and all the grade 8 hardware. Oh, yea dip shit, he is charging $400. Almost same bumper napalm whoever has in front , but with tie ins. And a rear bumper that is just like the jcr stage 2 I think its called, with tie ins. I can rant and rave all I want douche bag, and at this point I will. These guys not only built shit bumpers, they fed me crap about what they were capable of (the bumpers towing ability), put my family and yours at risk, and used a plasma cutter to cut crutial metal welds out of the structure of my jeep. Then we all, at neils request, were suppost to remove our original post. It is yet AGAIN another simple agreement fucked off by JP FAB (google). So gr8, go fukc your self . You have no clue. And for you to defend or promote or protect a company that makes crap and does buisness this way, you obviously should have been a blow job, or your parents should have worn rubbers more. Here are a few more pics coming up! Enjoy.
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