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The one thing we have seen in the past is that outsourcing has done to the US is taake the low educated and lower incomes away from the stated and sent them to other countries look at our steel industries that have gone accross the seas. Can someone explain to me how they can produce steel from our scap metal and ship them back to us cheaper than we here in the states can do???

Most of the stuff we get from overseas is the same thing we designed, developed , and then it moved to another country to be produced. Some of the forgien manufactures are moving their finishing factroies to the US, why???? Because they realized that if they keep going the pace that where in the US would not be able to buy their products.

But the money profits are going to their countries and not back into the US. I know this much I don't mind the rich getting richer but let's keep the riches in the US not in forgien lands.

Something that I wished that never would have happen and it's has happen in my life time is the forgivness ot dedit that forgien nations had to the US in war repairs and disasters and see how those countries now look at us.

If you want to see what is going on here in the US look at what is being writen by forgien news writers of europe....
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