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Originally Posted by howell_jeep View Post
Arguments against outsourcing are similar to those made decades ago by opponents of using robots in the workplace.

Robots made factories more productive. People lost jobs, but they found others. Now, in the "long term" we see the benefits of using robots. Outsourcing is very similar. And just like with robots, there will be a threshold where it's simply not economical to outsource, just like it doesn't make sense to use robots for certain jobs.
Does having robots do our jobs give them leverage? Are we in debt to them?

Can robots put us in an economic choke hold?

Were many jobs CREATED because of robots (producing them, engineering them, servicing them, improving them)? Can as many jobs be CREATED from outsourcing?

I see the point you're trying to make...but it's still not quite the same from my point of view.

Also, we implied that we recognized the types of jobs that would stay here ("service work"), but is there enough of that to go around? Is that type of work what makes people happy and satisfied? Does it pay enough? etc... Please explain.

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