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Default Someone please explain to me why I should be in favor of outsourcing.

My fiance's cousin is an accountant wand he is in favor of outsourcing.

I understand that, with outsourcing, products are cheaper for the consumer (and, all too often, cheap in construction as well), but it's hard for me to see any real benefits.

He says that it's better to outsource because, even though, in the short term, people may lose their jobs, they probably didn't like the jobs they had anyway (things like being an assembler, or engineer), and they'll find better jobs once the menial tasks are shipped away.

I'm personally studying engineering, and I like it.

I don't think that I'd be happier with a 'service job' (one of the few classifications of jobs that are considered "safe").

He says the creative will survive, but I think about those who are not blessed with creativeness. Some people are damn good, hard workers, but they don't come up with good ideas. What happens to those people (the service industry can only hold so many people)? Some of those people are terrible at "customer service" (they like to be told what to do, and then be left alone to do it). Where is the future for them?

Products will be cheaper, but the non-working still can't afford them. I could foresee this as an even further separation between "those who have" and "those who have not.

I don't want to start an argument or finger pointing. I just want understanding, so I won't be so closed minded.

Opinions? Thoughts?


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