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Originally Posted by xj-james View Post
Sure seems like your cockyness is directed at me. I did nothing to you. In fact I did nothing to anyone on this board. All I did was get taken advantage of. And everyone is saying they are trying to make it right, well it still isnt right. I still have 2 fucked up bumpers on my garage floor.You tell me how to attach the pm to the thread and I will do it. It is absolute bullshit that I am the one that got robbed and all these internet gangsters wanna talk shit . So I am constantly defending myself. As I previously said before , I can only hope and prey that all who have shit to say and they dont know the facts get totally robbed on somthing they dont know much about.
Go to your sent folders.

Print screen.

Open MS Paint.


Upload to gl4x4 just like you would an email and attach the photo.

No dog in this fight, but thats how you would do it if it was really that important.

Personally I would suggest just getting on the phone and taking care of it.
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